Kristina Roberts, PhD - Clinical and Forensic Psychology -
Welcome to my practice! 
I hold a PhD (doctorate)in Family Psychology.  I work as a forensic and clinical psychologist, licensed in California.  Clinical work refers to the "counseling" aspect, and my clinical work involves working with difficult populations such as children and adolescents with bipolar disorder, reunification therapy of parents and children (especially high-conflict families), and children with behavior disorders. I also provide family and couples psychotherapy and conduct various medical and educational evaluations and psychological testing.  
My forensic work (any "court related" work) includes working for the courts and testifying as an expert in child development, domestic violence, child abuse, age-appropriate parenting plans, and divorce issues, as well as conducting child custody and personal injury evaluations, criminal evaluations, fitness for duty and civil competency evaluations.  
I have also taught in the California Community College system for 12 years teaching child development, marriage and family courses, introduction to counseling, general psychology, and statistics classes. 
I have provided reports for and am an approved evaluator for the courts in the following counties, and have testified in all of the following courts:

Los Angeles County
Orange County
San Bernardino County
Riverside County
San Diego County
Inyo County
Kern County
Mono County
Forensic Services:
* Expert Witness Testimony: domestic violence, child abuse, age-appropriate parenting plans, other divorce issues, child development, bipolar disorder in children/adults
*730 Custody Evaluations
* Focused (one question) custody evaluations (completed in 2 weeks or less)
* Personal Injury evaluations
* Criminal evaluations including competency
* Fitness for Duty
* Civil Competency
* Violence risk assessment/Evaluation
* Mental Health/Psychological Evaluations
* Drug/Alcohol evaluations
* Bonding
* Guardianship evaluations
Clinical Services:
* Individual, couples, family therapy
* Specializing in diagnosis and treatment of childhood/adolescent/adult bipolar disorder
* Behavior disordered children
* reunification therapy
* co-parenting therapy
* high-conflict families
* educational evaluations
* psychological evaluations
* presurgical evaluations
Low cost evaluations and psychotherapy are available through dedicated and trained staff members who meet California requirements to provide these services.  Please see the "Clinicians" page for additional information.
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